Snaketail ver. 1.9.0 Released

SnakeTail ver. 1.9.0 is now available, and introduces some new features:

  • Quick jump shortcut has changed to ALT+KeyUp/KeyDown (Instead of CTRL+KeyUp/KeyDown)
  • Quick jump also works for EventLog where it jumps between Warnings and Errors
  • Launch external tools on keyword match (Ex. play sound).
  • Line coloring without being ‘Alert highlight’ (Ex. color line green for success)

Snaketail ver. 1.8.1 Released

SnakeTail ver. 1.8.1 is now available, and introduces some new features:

  • Configure external tools and bind custom shortcut key
  • Toggle bookmarks and quickly jump between bookmarks

Also discovered my idea to use a dummy google-account to upload crash dump, no longer works. Google SMTP server now finds it suspicious that the account performs logins from random locations. I have now changed the send crash report logic to use

Snaketail ver. 1.7.1 Released

SnakeTail ver. 1.7.1 is now available, and introduces some enhancements to the user interface:

  • Added Most Recent Used (MRU) list of files, that allows one to quickly reopen files
  • Added highlight of windows tabs using icons, when file changes are detected (Display tab icon on file change)
  • Added option to apply view configuration to all open views (Apply View Options to All)
  • Added option to display the current file name in windows tab, when using rolling regex filename (Title match filename)
  • Added tooltip to windows tabs, that displays full file path
  • Display currently open session name in main window title

I have now also created MSI installer packages, so I could  play a little with Windows Installer XML (WIX) technology. Their project templates and “How to”-guides are not very helpful, but luckily there is a lot of documentation on

I probably have to redo the entire user interface sooner or later, to support the Metro Modern User Interface. Making lots of tiles, Removing all contrast between visual elements. Ensure everything is shown with capital letters. Optimized for the perfect touch experience, as Microsoft has done with Visual Studio 2012.

Snaketail ver. 1.3 Released

SnakeTail now supports drag drop from Windows Explorer to tail new files. Default configuration for new files can be made by saving a session file with one configured window as ‘SnakeTail.xml’. It will look for the default session file in the following locations:

  • Application Path/SnakeTail.xml
  • Current User AppData/Roaming/SnakeTail/SnakeTail.xml
  • Current User AppData/Local/SnakeTail/SnakeTail.xml
  • Common AppData/SnakeTail/SnakeTail.xml