5 thoughts on “Snaketail ver. 1.6 Released

  1. Alex

    Cool Tool, BUT It can’t open the applications and services logs in windows 7. Can you enhance so these logs can also be selected automatically when selecting event logs ?

  2. HaeRim

    It seems not supporting keyword highlighting but sentence highlighting only.
    Any plan for keyword highlighting?


  3. Rolf Kristensen Post author

    @Alex: I’m working on refactoring the tailing of files and eventlogs. This should allow SnakeTail to open the new type of application EventLogs. Though don’t hold your breath as I don’t have much spare time to do this.

    @HaeRim: It should not be that difficult, and I have searched on the Internet for people that have implemented a solution, but didn’t find anything. But again it is not on my high priority list.

  4. John D

    It would be nice to have line numbers and the ability to open the underlying file in edit mode (or adding ability to clear the underlying log)


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