Snaketail ver. 1.8.1 Released

SnakeTail ver. 1.8.1 is now available, and introduces some new features:

  • Configure external tools and bind custom shortcut key
  • Toggle bookmarks and quickly jump between bookmarks

Also discovered my idea to use a dummy google-account to upload crash dump, no longer works. Google SMTP server now finds it suspicious that the account performs logins from random locations. I have now changed the send crash report logic to use

4 thoughts on “Snaketail ver. 1.8.1 Released

  1. Arnaud

    Very Good Work !
    I try SnakeTail since one week, and it’s perfect !

    The only feature missing to me it’s “filter” to display only the content you need.
    I try to set up an external tool to make it like “tail | grep”.

  2. George Archibald

    I love this utility. I use it very frequently for monitoring builds. You really should put a donate button up with either pay-pal or google wallet or something. Your application is better than most and I see no reason why you shouldn’t get a few bucks thrown your way every now and again.


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