Snaketail ver. 1.9.0 Released

SnakeTail ver. 1.9.0 is now available, and introduces some new features:

  • Quick jump shortcut has changed to ALT+KeyUp/KeyDown (Instead of CTRL+KeyUp/KeyDown)
  • Quick jump also works for EventLog where it jumps between Warnings and Errors
  • Launch¬†external tools on keyword match (Ex. play sound).
  • Line coloring without being ‘Alert highlight’ (Ex. color line green for success)

23 thoughts on “Snaketail ver. 1.9.0 Released

  1. Adrian

    Just found this utility and it is very useful when coding while monitoring several log files in realtime. I’ve looked at most of the windows tail utils and this is the best, very fast and small footprint.
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  2. Immi

    Great tool – use it a lot.

    One suggestion:
    Change marking / copying text so that only highlighted text will be copied to the clipbard (and not complete lines)

  3. Eric

    No doubts, Snaketail is the best tail utility for MS Windows. I use it every days!
    Thanks for the good job!

  4. Denis

    Hey m8, good work!
    But there is something i miss. Its a clear Button, or a somehing to make some space between old lines and new lines. Somehing like this would be great!

    Thank you!

    1. Rolf Kristensen Post author

      You can setup an external tool that gets the line-number as parameter, and then it can modify the log-file and insert some extra blank lines.

      Others has used the bookmark feature to highlight a certain location.

  5. Shannon

    Best Windows tail program I have found!

    Would it be possible to add the ability for it to read color codes in file? I mostly use it for PHP debugging, and being able to colorize the output from PHP would be awesome.

    1. Rolf Kristensen

      If you changed the color escape-codes to recognizable tokens like [ERR] [WAR] [OK], then you could easily setup keyword highlighting, and just save as default configuration.

  6. Pasgaard

    A really nice program!!

    I miss one feature: At the moment it’s possible to display each line with a different color when matching a word or sentence.
    Is it possible for you to implement a feature where multiple colors can be displayed on the same line?

  7. gstar

    Love the app!
    It would be great if there were some way to copy the full pathname into the clipboard. Perhaps right-click o the filename tab?

  8. Luis Contreras


    I created a session to monitoring 5 text files. All settings are by default. The files are updated every 5 minutes by an external process. But snaketail does not update the files avery 5 minutes. It behavior is erratic. Sometimes some displays are updated, sometimes non of them are updated. I appreciate if you can give me some support. I could send you session .xml file and screencaptions. SnakeTail version1.9.4.0. Regards

  9. Christoph Franzen

    Do you still remain active maintaining SnakeTail, or would one need to get involved in the GIT-hosted development?

  10. Andreas

    Hi, is there are documentation of the commandline parameters? Or how can I make a shortcut with a sved session?


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