2 thoughts on “Snaketail ver. 1.2 Released

  1. Andy

    Thanks very much for SnakeTail! I really like it. I’m running on Windows 7.
    I’ve been using it for a few days, and I’ve noticed a couple of things. I tried the “minimize to tray” feature, and it minimizes to the tray. However, I expected a checkmark next to it in the menu, the next time I looked in the menu. Was that your intent? If so, then it seems it isn’t retaining. I thought that before I tried that, SnakeTail was showing in the TaskBar, and after that it is a minimal window at the bottom of the screen. So at the moment, it seems I’m unable to get it to minimize back into the TaskBar. Any thoughts or advice?
    Also, I thought I noticed that SnakeTail didn’t start tailing the server log again after I stopped and restarted the server (through SnakeTail, LOVE that feature!). The filename is static, but it does “age” a copy to a date-stamped version. It isn’t hard to re-open the file manually, but if it is possible to have it always continue tailing, that would seem better to me.

    Thanks again for sharing this program! I also really like the ‘highlight sentence’ feature you just added.

  2. Rolf Kristensen Post author

    Hi Andy

    Glad you like SnakeTail. To restore from ‘Minimize To Tray’ just double-click the tray-icon. I guess I should make it a little more intuitive.

    SnakeTail ver. 1.2 will check for new files every 10 seconds (interval can be configured). But the new file check is rather simplistic and is not perfect. Will try to see if I can reproduce behavior you are seeing.

    Thank you for your comments



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